Long accustomed to their way of life in the wild a Shaman had discovered and developed their power from nature. A born Shaman from the wild get stronger from continues practice of their arts. They are well known for its impermeable hand to hand fighting style, its physical attack contains the breath of Spirits that shatters opponent’s soul when hit.

Shaman energy comes from the power of nature and it takes the shape like birds of prey. In nature each of its attack techniques are similar to an eagle’s claw that can tear from flesh to bone. They are giant and masculine feline; that have huge bare knuckles on both hands. Focusing nature’s power through wielding knuckles they can withstand large amount of enemies just by holding their ground and unleashing brutal attacks on the opponents.

However, his grasp for technical skill is very limited. He also invokes the power of the spirit to descend upon his colleagues to improve their attack power, magic defense and speed, or heal an injured comrade with the help of the forces of nature. He can command the Life Spirits around the area and creates an emanating wave of light energy that can revive a deceased comrade.