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  • Dragona: Fireborne is officially launched!
    Attention Dragonas! The wait is finally over! We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Dragona: Fireborne, the ultimate fantasy gaming experience you’ve been eagerly anticipating! 🎉 Embark on…
  • Summary Of Updates – Week 9
    Hello, players! Here’s a list of all the recent changes: 💻 Website Updates 📊 Drop Rates 🎁 Level Rewards 🛒 Consignment Sale 🗺️ Dark Pampus Map 🗺️ Ezulan Tomb Map…
  • Dragona: Fireborne – Official Launch on May 25, 2024!
    Bartan, May 22, 2024 — Shadows stretch across the cursed kingdom of Bartan, and hope rests on the shoulders of fearless Dragona warriors. LivePlex, developer of Dragona: Fireborne, and IndigoWare, publisher responsible…
  • Item Mall Updates – May 16th 2024
    Dragons of Bartan, The Item Mall is ablaze with new gear! Check out the latest additions and power up for your next battle! ⭐What’s New 👑Wild Breast Suit
  • Dragona: Fireborne Supports Flood Relief Efforts in Rio Grande do Sul
    In a heartfelt gesture of solidarity, the game Dragona: Fireborne is dedicating the month of May to support the flood relief efforts in Rio Grande do Sul. All proceeds from the game during this…


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