Dragon Transformation involves temporarily harnessing the dragons’ power to access their abilities. This results in a partial or complete transformation of the character’s body. The process is categorized into Partial Transformation and Full Transformation. It is employed strategically in battles to enhance effectiveness, allocate specific roles, and facilitate collaborative gameplay when engaging with other characters.

System Features

  • Potent during character confrontations in battles
  • Beneficial for group gameplay, despite not possessing formidable battle capabilities
  • Tailored for those who likes to solo play

Types of Transformation

  • Partial Transformation: involves altering only a portion of the body by tapping into the power of dragons. Due to the strain on the body caused by receiving dragon power, research was conducted to explore alternative methods, leading to the development of this partial capability. Sustaining Partial Transformation requires a continuous maintenance of CORE energy.
  • Full Transformation: alters the entire appearance of the character. During this state, previously used weapons and skills become inaccessible. Full Transformation introduces a distinct set of passive and active skills, accompanied by an exclusive skill slot window. Given the substantial strain on the body in Full Transformation, the CORE gauge depletes more rapidly compared to Partial Transformation. In this state, the character undergoes a comprehensive change into a different form, equipped with its unique special weapon.

About CORE

CORE is the energy required for utilizing dragon transformation items, and it must be replenished to sustain the dragon transformation. The consumption of CORE energy is directly tied to the duration and intensity of the Dragon Transformation, depleting as the transformation is maintained.

In the course of a monster hunt, the CORE will be present at a specific percentage and manifest as a blue crystal ball, gradually vanishing over time. COREs are categorized as either normal or large, based on their size and absorption capacity. Normal COREs are absorbed automatically upon approach, while Large COREs require a double left-click for automatic absorption.