Below are essential tips and know-hows you must read to enhance your enjoyment of Dragona: Fireborne. These guidelines will help you navigate the game smoothly. Even if you’re accustomed to other MMORPGs, Dragona: Fireborne promises to transform your gaming experience!

Download & Install

To embark on your adventures in Dragona, the initial step is to download and install the client on Steam.

The Launcher

Within the launcher, besides providing useful information and the latest news, you can access basic settings.

Once the update is complete on the launcher screen, you can access Dragona by pressing the ‘Play Now’ button.

Entering the Game

Select a server and proceed by clicking the ‘Select’ button to enter.

Character Create

Choose and customize your character to enter the game world.

During character creation, you have the opportunity to customize your character’s appearance, name, and select a partial transformation to begin your adventure.



1. Auto GuideOverall game tips on Dragona for beginners.
2. NoticeA function that notifies you about quests, mail, guild messages, and the start of battle arenas.
3. Chat WindowChat Window for talking with other players.
4. Main Quick SlotHere you can preset auto-actions to activate for your character conveniently.
5. Basic Character InformationHere you can see brief info on character HP, MP, CORE and Level.
6. EXP barShows the current EXP of the character with a bar graph.
7. Mini-MapA short-range map displaying your character’s immediate surroundings.
8. PK Attack on/off:Key for turning PK state on/off. When PK Multi-Attack is on, nearby characters can also sustain damage by area attack.
9. Transformation Quick SlotHere you can set Dragon Transformation items to use more conveniently.
10. Auto-Potion SlotsHere you can preset auto-potions you want to use.
11. Auto-Potion SetupHere you can set the percentage of auto-potions use.
12. Menu BarA button that brings up a popup window of the game system menu to access character information, inventory, skills, quests, etc.
13. Cash ShopThe Cash Shop is a service that allow players to purchase cash items, content, and services with DWC.
14. Sub Quick SlotExpansion of main quick slot.
15. Ongoing QuestsA list of accepted and ongoing quests. You can turn on auto-traveling by clicking on a quest target.
16. Item FusionUnnecessary items can be turned into a consume item during the hunt. Once you place an unnecessary item and press the Fusion button, the combining starts and the potion changes to a certain percentage according to the grade of the item.

Basic Controls

W – A – S – DTo move your character using keyboard: W – Forward, A – Left, S – Backward, D – Right
EPick Up Item
CToggle Character Info
MWorld Map
KSkill Info
IAll Inventory
OSocial Info
JQuest Info
GAuto Guide
EnterChat Console
TabSelect / Change Target
ShiftDivide Items / Tooltip Detention
F9Hide All Nearby Players
Scroll LockHide All UI (User Interface) Window
Prt ScrScreenshot