The Honor System comprises three distinct categories: positive honor, neutral honor, and negative honor. Each category is subdivided into nine sections, spanning a scale from -1,000 to 1,000.

Positive Honor

There exist three avenues for acquiring positive honor. Firstly, engaging monsters within your level range (within +/- 9 levels of your character) yields honor, with greater honor granted for defeating monsters of equal or higher level. Additionally, simply maintaining your character online also accrues honor automatically.

Under positive or neutral honor conditions, one honor point is bestowed every 20 minutes, while under negative honor circumstances, one honor point is earned every 3 minutes. The amount of honor gained from monster kills can be doubled.

Lastly, honor can be acquired by consuming specific items designed to augment honor levels. Employing an “Indulgence” item will elevate your honor by 150 points. Conversely, if your honor dips into negative territory, utilizing a “Medal of Honor” can restore your honor to 0 points.

Honor RankHonor Points
[Chivalric]600 to 1,000
[Noble]400 to 599
[Good]200 to 399
[Friendly]50 to 199
Neutral0 to 49
[Aggressive]-1 to -199
[Fraudulent]-200 to -399
[Malicious]-400 to -599
[Cruel]-600 to -1,000
Honor RankIncreased Item Drop Rate

Increased Item Drop Rate

Maintaining positive honor enhances the likelihood of item drops. As your honor level rises, so does the probability of encountering increased item drops.

Honor RankPossibility to Drop Equipped Item

Negative Honor

One method that can result in negative honor is engaging in player versus player combat with your PK mode activated while targeting a player whose honor exceeds 0. While this action doesn’t always guarantee a loss of honor, should it occur, you will incur a deduction of 100 honor points.

Players with negative honor face the risk of dropping equipped items upon defeat, excluding instances within dungeons or arenas.

To safeguard against item loss upon death, players can employ a Binding Oil. When active, the Binding Oil reduces the likelihood of losing equipped items upon death, although there remains a chance that the oil’s effect may dissipate.