ATTENTION: Previously, we were using ZoogVPN for disconnection cases, but unfortunately ZoogVPN only lasts for a while for free. It is very complicated to have a good VPN that meets the requirements for good gameplay and is completely free, they will always ask you to pay a fee to continue with the VPN. Anyway, we have this other VPN for free.

  • Access the website to download here.
  • Create your account on the website.
  • Go to download (free) and execute the file .EXE
  • On installation, search for your language and start the installation.
  • After the installation, open the program Proton VPN on your PC.
  • After this, log in to the program with the same account you created to activate the VPN (on the Website).
  • With this VPN, there is no way to select a US connection in the free version directly, so you will have to go randomly until you find a US connection (yeah, this part is annoying, but it will work; I managed it on the third try).
  • Click on Quick Connect, after Changing the server (after changing once, wait for the time that appears on your screen to change again).
  • Once you do, I suggest you activate the ‘Kill Switch’ function, so your IP doesn’t leak if your internet goes down.
  • Open the game and enjoy!

    NOTE: If doesn’t work this way, do you need to disable your Antivirus to run the game and make the VPN work.