Hello, players!

Here’s a list of all the recent changes:

👾 Drop Monsters

  • Drop rate increased by 3 times for ALL monsters (including those in dungeons)

🏰 Castle Siege

  • Castle Siege enabled

📍 Quests

  • The killer count for quests has been fixed (requires some testing)

🛒 Consignment Sale AD

  • Consignment sale ad cancellation was also fixed. It will work in the same way: after you cancel your item ad there you will receive it, you don’t need to be offline
  • Consignment Sale purchases fix improved. Now it works as expected and you also need to be offline to receive your purchases as well. This was partially reverted due to an issue

🛍️ Item Mall

  • CAD currency added to the Item Mall (you can use it if you live in Canada)
  • PIX payment method enabled for Brazil players

🎮 Launcher with the Highest Graphics priority

  • The launcher will now automatically set the game to run with the highest graphics priority (should solve issues with models taking time to load)
  • Possible fix with the Launcher published on Steam. Let us know if you still have issues when using it

That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.