The agile suits made of dragon skin make the fatal attraction of an Assassin stand out all the more. Having to make surprise attacks on enemy supply troops or assassinating their enemy commander, an Assassin doesn’t wear cumbersome outfits as it engages covertly and swiftly. For this reason, their suit is very tight and once seen from out of the shadows, it is rumored to reveal their sensual body.

Their Chakram cuts off the enemy’s tendons and neutralizes them, paralyzing their five senses so that they are unable to even fight back. Their fatal attack doesn’t even give the enemy a chance to feel pain. Assassins are full of pride. They are just as strict on themselves as they are merciless to their enemies.

Turning their own blood into venom instilled with powerful mana while enduring pain worse than death, the female Kalis deal damage to nearby enemies by spraying their blood or instigating panic by spreading the fog of blood. Assassins will sacrifice everything, including themselves, for victory. To them, battle is a beautiful dance, a noble sacrifice, and a pilgrimage to follow the guidance of the stars.