The Guardians wear a mithril scale armor embodying their ancestors. Since their armor was developed during the Dragon Era, it has become the masterpiece of Dwarven craftsman. It is thin, solid, enables free movement, and has very good defensive power.

Guardians who engage in close combat with their enormous long sword take retreating as a disgrace. It is their pride to reap victory first and foremost in the front lines of battlefield or be the first to fall. Such bravery leaves their enemies trembling in fear.

The great sword wielded by a Guardian doesn’t just slice through the body of their foe. It cuts down the morale of their enemies to make them retreat, with just a single stroke of their immense sword, which can also open up an escape-route for friendly forces.

Because of this, if you were to ask veteran soldiers where the safest place on the battlefield is, they won’t hesitate to say that it is in the frontlines behind the backs of Guardians where they can hear the breath of the enemies.