Since Magicians protect themselves using the magical powers from aurora gems, they prefer to wear thin magical robes conducive to concentration over thick armor.

According to legend, the ancestors of Eldins whom dragons greatly admired were granted a sacred duty to monitor the resurrection of Jurtan, and to carry this out, they are said to have learned some Draconic magic. Their ultra-destruction magic combined with Draconic magic is the ultimate firepower. Magicians can use all types of magic, from simple magic causing physical damage with a mana field to powerful spells for summoning meteor showers.

Though they have low HP and weak defense, it is not a big problem for them because the magic cast by Magicians does not allow enemies to approach them at all. They can also play around with enemies with a simple hand gesture in various ways, such as causing them to slow them, causing them to hallucinate, or trapping them by summoning magical snares.