Rangers are usually rational and cool-headed and do not get into unnecessary fights. Instead, they calmly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their enemies and that of their friendly forces with a sharp perspective. By shooting a piercing arrow at the right time and place, they can turn the tide toward their own forces.

Rangers are positioned in the rear of their forces on the battlefield. They can start a warning fire to prevent enemy assaults, or monitor them so that enemy troops cannot make a surprise attack.

Because Rangers can hit multiple enemies with a shower of arrows or deal a critical hit with a precise shot, they have become the core support firepower in large battlefields. Also, since the Yaksias following the Rangers can cast magic on their arrows or use special magic to paralyze enemies, a Ranger can escape from a critical moment by slowing down the enemy with ice arrows, or against Assassins targeting them, or tie up enemies by shooting snare arrows.