Pet Manual Pandora (Permanent)




The Pet Manual Pandora is a mysterious item that grants various random rewards. When used, you will receive one of the following items:

  1. Pet Manual Slot Expansion x1: Increases your Pet Manual’s capacity to store more pet skills.
  2. Sealed Mini Brown Knight Outfit x1: A stylish outfit for your character.
  3. Sealed Mini Purple Wizard Outfit x1: A magical outfit for your character.
  4. Sealed Pink Dress of LingLing, Mio x1: A charming dress for your female character.
  5. Sealed Skill Manual “Gentle Motion with Wind” x1 (1 month): A special skill for your character.
  6. Sealed Skill Manual “<Cheer Up!>” x1 (1 month): A motivating skill to face challenges.
  7. Sealed Skill Manual “<Watch Out!>” x1 (1 month): An alert skill for dangerous situations.
  8. Sealed Skill Manual “Fatal Attraction” x1 (1 month): An intriguing and powerful skill.
  9. Sealed Skill Manual “I’m Healthy!” x1 (1 month): A skill to keep your health in check.
  10. Sealed Skill Manual “Dragon is a Close Friend of Mine!” x1 (1 month): A skill that strengthens your connection with dragons.