This is a guide on how to install the VPN and be able to play on the USA server without being disconnected in the middle of the game.

Step 1. Access the website to download here.

Step 2. Click on ‘Continue with free’ and create your account on the website.

Step 3. On the /dashboard page, scrolling down, you will find a download for Windows or Mac (in this case, the guide and test were done on Windows). Go to download and execute the file .EXE

Step 4. The installation was done on disk C, it’s important to install it on the same disk that the game was installed on.

Step 5. After the installation, open the program ZoogVPN on your PC. Log in to the program with the same account you created to activate the VPN (on the Website).

Step 6. With the VPN active now, do you need to change to Washington/US.

Step 7. If your VPN doesn’t run automatically after this, click on the middle of the symbol green.

Open the game and enjoy!

NOTE: If doesn’t work this way, do you need to disable your Antivirus to run the game and make the VPN work.

If you have any problems, talk to us on Discord, and our team will be available to help you.