Bartan, May 22, 2024 — Shadows stretch across the cursed kingdom of Bartan, and hope rests on the shoulders of fearless Dragona warriors. LivePlex, developer of Dragona: Fireborne, and IndigoWare, publisher responsible for the launch, are thrilled to announce the official launch of the highly anticipated MMORPG Dragona: Fireborne, an epic journey that transcends imagination.

The Awakening of Dragons In Dragona: Fireborne, you’re not just a player; you’re a hero destined to transform into legendary dragons. Jurtan’s curse spreads like a plague, and it’s up to you to face the darkness threatening to engulf Bartan. The dragon transformation isn’t merely a skill; it’s a gift, a connection to the ancient essence flowing through your veins. When your wings unfurl and your scales gleam in the sun, you become part of an ancient lineage—a guardian of hope.

A Profound Narrative Dragona: Fireborne’s story weaves mystery, betrayal, and redemption. As you explore Bartan’s vast and perilous lands, you’ll uncover secrets buried for centuries. Who is Jurtan? Why does the curse afflict the land? And what role do dragons play in this epic battle? Each answer reveals more questions, and every choice shapes Bartan’s destiny.

Exploration Beyond Limits Cities murmur with secrets, forests whisper ancient prophecies, and mountains conceal entrances to unexplored dungeons. In Dragona: Fireborne, exploration is an art. Unravel maps, brave ruins, and delve into cavern depths. Each step is an opportunity to discover something new, something that could alter the course of war.

Epic Battles Combat in Dragona: Fireborne is a symphony of steel and fire. Whether facing hordes of shadow creatures or dueling other players, your skill and strategy are tested with every strike. Transform into a dragon and unleash devastating powers. Fight for glory, honor, and Bartan’s future.

Limitless Customization Create your own Dragona warrior, choosing from diverse classes and customization options. Don legendary armor, forge powerful weapons, and enhance your abilities. Be an agile archer, a wise mage, or an unyielding warrior. The choice is yours, and Bartan’s fate rests in your hands.

Availability Dragona: Fireborne is currently in early access on Steam and will officially launch on May 25, 2024. Prepare for the dragon awakening and join the fight for Bartan’s survival.

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