Hello, players!

Here’s a list of all the recent changes:

💻 Website Updates

📊 Drop Rates

  • Drop rates increased to 4x.

🎁 Level Rewards

  • Level rewards are fixed.

🛒 Consignment Sale

  • The consignment sale finally fixed the way it was supposed to be. It will be processed immediately now (no need to be offline).
  • The consignment sale search was fixed.

🗺️ Dark Pampus Map

  • The Dark Pampus map was fixed and is now available.
  • Additional fixes for Dark Pampus map.

🗺️ Ezulan Tomb Map

  • The map is working now.

🛍️ New Item Added

  • The Orb of Truth item was added.

✅ Translations

  • NPC translations improved.

👒 Stats of Costumes

  • The stats for the Red Blood Suit costumes are fixed.

⚒️ Gunner Craft

  • Gunner craft fixed.

That’s it for these latest weeks. We will continue to work on other issues not mentioned here. You can see the progress on our development board.